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  • I have several hundred archived entries via Movable Type, going all the way back to Dec 1998, that I am not able to find once I imported to MT using the “importer”. Here are the specific issues I am struggling with:

    1) I *think* I imported all the entries from MT using the importer tool. BUT: I can’t actually FIND in WP any of the MT entries that were only in DRAFT status; though the POST status MT entries show up just fine. That is to say, when I enter my wp-admin, and go to MANAGE: POSTS, under “BROWSE MONTH” I see months listed from January 2006 to December 1998. However, when I select “December 1998” and click “Show Month”- it tells me “No Posts Found”. Similarly, when from the MANAGE: POSTS page I click on “Previous Entries” enough times, it ends me at a post in 2004 (the first MT post that was in POST, not DRAFT).

    So… I reentered MT, changed all of the DRAFTS to POSTS, and tried to REIMPORT into WP. But when I do do, WP tells me that all of the MT entries are already imported.Why can’t I find them? I can’t find 6 years worth of entries- not in DRAFTS, not in PRIVATE, yet my MANAGE tag suggest there are entries back to 1998. I’m starting to panic; any help would be greatly appreciated!

    (I also tried NOT using the importer…)

    2) all the tutorials I can find for importing MT entries to WP refer to a file located at “/wp-admin/import-mt.php”. I can not find any such named file. Instead, I can locate “wp-admin/import/mt.php”- but the line-by-line editing instructions do not correspond with the second file. questions are: 1st) where can I find import-mt.php? and/or 2nd) how can I use the file I CAN find to act as the one I can’t?

    (one last thing…)

    3) in my mange tab, I only see 15 posts at a time. where/how can I change this number (preferably to something more like 100)?

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  • while peeking in my database via phpMyAdmin (on this other issue which I am still hoping to get resolved 😉 )…

    No i didn’t dare change a thing while in the database, i just noticed- under the “wp-posts” appear the hundred or so “missing entries” i referenced in this thread, listed with “post-status” as “draft” and “post-type” as “0” (whatever that means).

    still, i can’t actually find these posts in “wp-admin” anywhere. on my manage page my pull-down menu offers me the option of “December 1998”, but when I select the month to browse entries, it tells me no entries are found. what’s more- there are no entries listed in the top ticker space where writen drafts are supposed to idle.

    anyone expereienced anything like this when importing draft-status entries from MT to WP 2.0?

    damnit, it’s killing me that I entitled this topic: imported MT entires not appearingin WP 2.0… when if i had just proofread i would have caught the two typos and named it imported MT entRIes not appearing in WP 2.0!

    but i guess with my broken blog and missing entries, transcribed letters and an omitted space in my thread’s title are the least of my worries 😉

    note: I couldn’t figure it out, so I reentered MT, changed all post-status to POST instead of DRAFT, and reimported all entries into a new installation of WP 2.0, and now I can access all my entries.

    I’d like to bring this back to the top – this is more similar to my exact situation. Anyone have any suggestions?

    My posts HAVE appeared in phpmyadmin under wp_posts, so I know they’re there, and they’re all set as drafts. 1) how do I change them to be published, and 2) anything else sound fishy?



    I’m a new WordPress user migrating 1,500+ archives from MT, 101 of which are deliberately in draft mode. I’m running into the same issues that you were, elisepps. The problem is that if I have an entry in draft mode in MT, it’s for a good reason and I don’t want it to be live. But I want to keep them, of course. 🙂

    Short of changing the status of all 101 entries to publish in MT and importing, any other work-arounds anyone can suggest? I thought about running a direct SQL update on the WP database after import to change statuses back to draft, but of course it would be a pain to sift through to determine the new post IDs of the entries I want to be draft.

    If I were to create a new WP installation for ALL entries, is there some way to migrate posts between 2 WP installations on the same server perhaps?

    Any other ideas?

    This is a pain and really shouldn’t be this difficult.


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