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    Hi there!

    I was trying to find an answer to my problem on the forums but to no avail. The forums however did have something similar to what I am experiencing.

    Basically, I am having the same problem as this fellow;

    In that I:

    > Imported entries from Livejournal
    > Changed my mind, deleted them
    > Cannot delete leftover comments

    Originally these comments were attached to an earlier post that I deleted, then they all got attached to a new post.

    Also, now, on entries with 0 comments, the number “2” or “4” appears in the little comment marker.

    Any way to remove all these lj-imported comments for good and get my WP site only comment counter back on track?

    You cannot view these entries, but they do appear on the admin page, where everything comment-wise is messed up.

    I hope this is enough information…if not, please ask!

    Thanks, James

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  • Update: Still having this issue.

    When I send the comment to Trash it appears again in red, and at the bottom of the screen I get a: “You don’t have permission to do that” error.

    > I am the admin of the site, I should have full permission
    > I tried deleting after disabling all plugins, including the LJ Importer.

    Any ideas?

    Update: Still having this issue.

    > Created a new admin, changed the real admin account to subscriber.
    > Could not delete comments on the new admin account.
    > Reverted the real admin account back to admin status, deleted the new admin account.
    > Logged back in to the real admin account, still cannot delete LJ comments.

    Seriously, what the heck is going on?

    Update: Still having this issue.

    Tried installing Trash Manager plugin (a plugin that allows you to permanently delete comments without moving them to the Trash).

    When I use this plugin I get this error message and a new tab opens up:

    “You are not allowed to edit comments on this post.

    Thank you for creating with WordPress. • Documentation • Freedoms • Feedback • Credits

    Version 3.2.1″

    So something is blocking me from deleting my own comments imported from my own LJ on my own WordPress?

    The hell?

    Update: Solved

    By downloading the plugin here: it will override any silly WordPress Comment preferences.

    The only problem is;

    > You can only send each comment to the Trash individually
    > Once inside the Trash folder, you can only delete each comment permanently one by one.

    Thanks for the great support, please give yourself a round of applause.

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