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    Hi guys,

    First of all a big thanks for this plugin. Although I’ve had problems with it, it’s so close to working and does work most of the time.

    I’ve packaged and exported the comments as a CSV file from my source website. I’ve been able to edit them in Libre Office’s spreadsheet and import them to the target website and about 80% of the time everything works. But sometimes it doesn’t, and it’s mostly the threading that fails.

    There are two problems. First, initial replies to comments are sometimes not linked to the comment they reply to. They appear in the back end, but are not identified as replies and do not appear in the list of comments in the front end. Almost all these comments are my own, so I’ve been able to rewrite them and edit them to give them the correct date stamp.

    The other problem is that subsequent responses to these replies are also not linked and as they are all from the original poster, I am unable to edit them to reconnect them to the thread.

    This is not a great problem for me, but it is irritating and has made the import job much longer than it needed to be because I have had to check every post to find the broken threads.

    OK, without this plugin I would have been unable to import any comments, so I’m still delighted to have been able to use it. But it could be more reliable.

    I have both source and target websites on a virtual server (Localhost using WAMP 3.1.4) on the same hard disc attached to my computer.

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  • Plugin Author webtoffee


    Hi @thesupercargo,

    The issue you are facing seems to be very strange and we have never across such an issue. Could you please try importing the comments again after switching the current theme on your site and deactivate any cache plugins if you are having any. Also, please try clearing the transients from Woocommerce>Status>Tools>Clear transients.

    If you are still facing the issue please share us the CSV file you are importing us via support.

    Hi @webtoffee

    I have a final block of comments to transfer, so I’ll try to follow your suggestions and see if I can overcome the problem. (Or duplicate it.)

    Almost all my plugins are inactive, but I hadn’t thought to experiment with a different theme. My active theme is a child of Generate Press. If I switch to one of the recent WordPress themes – say TwentyEighteen – do you think that is a stable alternative?

    And just to make sure I’ve understood what I’m tryng to do correctly, please confirm that the entries in the columns comment_parent and comment_alter_id are the two that need to match for the comments to thread properly.



    OK, I’m still facing the same problems so, as you asked, I’ve uploaded the latest CSV file to your pro-support page.

    My ticket number is 3575.

    I look forward to hearing back from.


    As regards…

    Also, please try clearing the transients from Woocommerce>Status>Tools>Clear transients

    I don’t have WooCommerce installed. I am using your plugin to export and import WordPress Comments only.


    Plugin Author webtoffee


    Hi @thesupercargo,

    The parent comment and the child comments will be linked using the ID specified in the comment_parent and comment_alter_id column of the CSV file. You may please provide the parent comment ID in the comment_parent column of the child comment and ID of the comments in the comment_alter_id column.

    Our team will follow you up from the support desk.

    Hi @webtoffee,

    Thanks for your reply and also for the contact from your suppport desk. They offered to help if gave them access to my admin account, which I would do if not for the admin account being on a virtual server on my private computer at home. I’m not going to open that.

    However, I’m prepared to accept the problem is with my database rather than with your software.

    Although the result I’m getting is not perfect, it’s so much better than nothing at all. All the comments are preserved on my database, just not threaded. With a little time and effort I can repair the most important breaks and I’ll live with the rest.

    Thanks for your help. I’ve removed “import unreliable” from the tags and marked this as resolved.


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