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  • Bonjour,

    J’aurai souhaiter savoir comment faire pour importer mon ancien livre d’or que j’ai en csv. Faut il prendre l’extension payante?

    Bien cordialement

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  • Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    Hi, you already have a CSV file?

    If not, what format do you have it in? Is it an SQL dump?

    You do not need the add-on for this. You might need to put in some time and effort to get it all in the right format.


    J’ai un fichier CSV Microsoft Excel. Quand j’essai de l’importer dans le livre d’or ça me dis: Fichier de format non-valide. Type-mime : text/html
    Importé des message du livre d’or venant de DMSGuestbook
    DMSGuestbook n’a pas été trouvé.
    Donc du coup je ne sais pas comment faire? Si vous aviez une idée je suis preneuse

    Bien cordialement

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    Can you send the CSV file to ? I can then take a look.

    My experience is that Excel is quite bad when it comes to CSV files. LibreOffice is much better.

    Je viens de vous l’envoyer par email.

    Et j’aurai une autre question, quand j’ai des clients qui mette un commentaire avant que je l’édite, le message reste visible a tout le monde. Comment faire pour pas que cela arrive une autre fois?

    Hello / Bonjour

    You abuse the kindness of the author. Already, you do not write in English (this is the rule on this forum, even to go through Google Translate). In addition, you ask a second question, which has nothing to do with the first.
    So, to answer your question about the moderation of the messages before publication, it is in the “Anti-spam” tab of the “Settings” menu, in the “Guestbook” heading of your admin’.
    I leave it to Marcel Pol to answer your question about CSV import.

    In french / En français :
    Vous abusez de la gentillesse de l’auteur. Déjà, vous n’écrivez pas en anglais (c’est la règle sur ce forum, quitte à passer par Google Translate). En plus, vous posez une deuxième question, qui n’a rien à voir avec la première.
    Donc, pour répondre à votre question sur la modération des messages avant publication, c’est dans l’onglet “Anti-spam” du menu “Réglages”, dans la rubrique “Livre d’or” de votre admin’.
    Je laisse le soin à Marcel Pol de répondre à votre question sur l’import en CSV.

    Hello sorry for the decline, I think it will have had a report knowing that it still concerns the guestbook. And still sorry for writing in French

    I’m waiting for the answer

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    Not sure why it is seen as text/html. It happens here as well.

    I just removed the checking for mime-type from the plugin.
    You have a better CSV in your mailbox. Together with the 3.1.1 update it should import fine.

    And thank you flobogo 🙂

    It could be there is caching going on. Do you have a caching plugin?
    If not, you could contact the hosting provider if they have something like Varnish cache.


    I just updated Gwolle Guestbook and I do not have a caching plugin. I will send a message to my host.
    That comes from that?

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    If after removing an entry, it is still visible, that is probably a caching issue.
    If you don’t use a WordPress plugin for caching, the hoster might have some caching infrastructure.
    It can’t hurt to contact them and ask.

    I just sent them a message to find out because I do not have a cache in wordpress
    I will come back to you as soon as I get an answer.

    I come back to you because I had the answer of OVH and I do not have caching on my hoster. How can I do ?

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    Okay, thank you for coming back.

    Then I don’t understand how a message can still be visible after you moved it to trash or spam.

    I did not move it to the trash. I just want to put the old comments in my new current site but I can not 🙁

    Plugin Author Marcel Pol


    You sent me a CSV, right?
    And I did send it back. Did you receive it? Does it work for you?

    This is getting quite confusing now.


    Actually I send you a csv file but I have never received it if you have returned a

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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