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    First Thanks for a huge work with your plugin. Schema cases are trixy… However, I noticed that there is _schema data saved as post meta for each post.

    When moving the site from a development url to live server, does all schema data need to be re-generated somehow?

    Thanks in avdanced.

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  • Plugin Author Hesham Zebida


    Excellent question! You got it right!

    Short Answer: You don’t have to worry about migrating a site from development to production. The markup will generated anyways.

    Let me break it down for you and explain how this works from the beginning:

    1- The plugin does a lot of data processing when you install and activate it for the first time. This to -prepare itself to- generate the markup output automatically for you.

    2- When a post got visited (or curled by search engines) for the first time after installing the plugin, the markup will be generated for that specific post.

    3- To avoid regenerating the markup output every time a post is visited (which means load on server) the plugin saves the final generated markup in post meta, this is the field with key =”_schema_json“.

    4- Now, if a page got visited again (the second visit), the plugin can pull/deliver the markup so fast, and with no extra overhead.

    5- Every specific period of time (daily), the plugin will flush the saved markup data, so it will -again- be regenerated on the first next visit to that specific post. Why? because there are a few functions should run to check if there is anything changes happened (example: a new comment has been published), so the plugin will update everything on daily bases to keep your markup output valid and up-to-date.

    The Schema plugin regenerates the output code on different occasions ( only when it makes sense), for example:

    – Save plugin settings.
    – Enable the plugin on a new post type.
    – Update an old post.
    – After a specific period of time (mostly daily)
    – *This reminds me that maybe I should add a way to flush it when a comment has been approved!

    When any of the above mentioned scenarios happen, the plugin will flush the old data to get fresh one.

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    Thanks for a fast and clear answer. Topic closed.

    Plugin Author Hesham Zebida


    You are welcome!

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