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    Thanks for visiting the TablePress support forums!

    Try to find an existing answer
    Chances are high that your problem or concern can be solved here. However, before you open a new topic, please check if your question or problem has been discussed before, for example

    This will keep the amount of overall topics down, because I don’t have to spend time on answering questions multiple times, but can focus on delivering quick and quality answers on new questions.

    Before posting a support question
    In order to provide the best possible answer, I need to ask you to follow this checklist:

    1. Are you using the newest version of WordPress? This is always recommended!
    2. Are you using the newest version of TablePress? This is even required! Maybe your problem has already been fixed in the latest version.
    3. If something is not working as it should:
      • If that’s in the Dashboard (admin area) of WordPress or TablePress:
        • Is it still broken after (temporarily) deactivating all other plugins and switching to a WordPress default theme?
        • Do you see error messages on the TablePress screens after setting WP_DEBUG to true in your site’s wp-config.php?
      • If that’s when viewing the table:
    4. If you want to change something, for example styling:
      • Have you checked the examples in the plugin FAQ? These can usually be adapted easily.

    If all of this does not help or fix the problem, I invite you to open a new topic in this forum, and I will gladly try to assist in finding a solution!

    Please provide as much information and details as possible:

    • Include a link to the page with the table in question (if applicable)!
    • Include any error messages that you see, as text or as a screenshot that you post e.g. to TinyPic or Imageshack.

    After your problem is fixed:

    • Set WP_DEBUG to false again (if you changed that).
    • Please rate TablePress here in the WordPress Plugin Directory.
    • Consider making a donation to support further TablePress development and support.

    Thank you for following these steps!

    Have fun with TablePress!

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  • Love using TablePress for tables but had a problem with importing a CSV spreadsheet.

    On more simple Excel documents, I’ve had no problem saving as a CSV file and then importing as a New Table, but more complex ones I get this message:


    Is there something like formulas or cells that may be causing the problem? Sorry, can’t link but I can send the original file Excel or saved CSV file if you want… thanks!

    Plugin Author TobiasBg


    Hi Brent,

    thanks for your post, and sorry for the trouble. (It’s a bit unfortunate, that you posted in this sticky thread, but we can manage that.)

    I don’t think that this is related to the CSV file itself, as that error has nothing really to do with the import, but more with the saving of the table in the WordPress database.
    To find the exact cause, yes, please send me the CSV file via email (you can find the address in the main plugin file “tablepress.php”). I can then test this on my machine, to rule out that it is the file.
    Additionally, I need you to deactivate all other plugins (except TablePress) one by one, and each time try the import again, until the table is no longer corrupted. The reason is that I assume that some other plugin is interfering with the saving process. With that method, we can hopefully find the plugin that is causing this.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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