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    In the upcoming v1.37 of Ignite (and v1.38 of Ignite Plus) the “advanced” widgets will no longer be available. If you are using any of the advanced widgets, they will be removed when you update to v1.37.

    You can get the widgets back with your settings by activating the Widgets Reloaded plugin. This plugin doesn’t add additional options or slow down your site in any way, it simply adds the advanced widgets back in.

    The widgets affected by the update are as follows:

    • Archives
    • Authors
    • Bookmarks
    • Calendar
    • Categories
    • Navigation Menu
    • Pages
    • Search
    • Tags

    Why remove them?

    Since version 1.0, Ignite has used a “code library” called Hybrid Core for some of its functionality. In the newest version of Hybrid Core, the author decided to remove the advanced widgets functionality. We agree that this functionality is better served by a plugin. In v1.37 of Ignite, we updated to the newest version of Hybrid Core, removing native support for the advanced widgets.

    I apologize for any inconvenience this transition may have caused you. Please post any questions you have here, thanks!

    @mods can this be made sticky for a couple weeks?

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