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  • jbalyo


    I just wanted to let you know that there is one important step missing from your Installation instructions. After installing the plugin, you have to go to Appearance -> Widgets and drag the widget you wish to use into the newly created “Arbitrary” section. Then it spits out the elusive widget ID and shortcode that can be placed anywhere.

    Had to stumble around a bit before I figured it out and wanted to save some other people a little trouble. Thanks for the widget!

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  • jambrose


    Nothing is “spit out” for me. Can someone please update the installation docs with details to make this work?

    Where the widget ID spat?

    Hi jambrose. For me, I did the following:

    1. Navigate to Appearance -> Widgets.

    2. Along the right hand side, look for the “widget section” titled “Arbitrary”. Drag the widget you wish to generate a shortcode for into that section.

    3. Click the little down arrow on the widget to expand the widget configuration box.

    4. Click Save on the widget configuration box.

    5. A shortcode should now appear along the bottom of the widget configuration box. Copy that and use it wherever you’d like to display the widget. Note that the shortcode will not appear until after you click the Save button.

    Ok, that’s what I figured, so there must be a bug – it doesn’t do that for me.

    However, I did discover that the widget ID bit does show up for other sections (footer 1, etc…)

    Check out this screenshot:

    I’m running WP 3.5.

    Is the widget ID the same even if it’s not in the arbitrary section? Do I need to check the DB?

    Yeah, that looks like a bug, or some sort of incompatibility with the new 3.5 version. I’ll have to keep that in mind when updating.

    I also have an “Inactive Widgets” section below the widget pool area where I can drag widgets and get the shortcodes in the same way they work in the Arbitrary section. Maybe you could try using that area before wading through the database? Hope it works!

    i just commented on the two lines 74 & 75 so that the title is not at all fetched. working fine as of now, but no widget title is displayed.

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