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  • Thanks for the share, Caspar. Unfortunately, Hostgator will not upgrade the PHP to the required version for use of BackWPup 3+, therefore all hosted accounts on HostGator servers will need to manually modify the htaccess file with the outline provided via hyperlink below.

    Response from HostGator technical support:

    We understand your need for the need of later versions of php, however we keep php 5.2.17 installed as the primary for compatibility with our customers who still require it. This is why we have also installed php 5.3 on all shared and reseller servers, you can use this by using suPHP within your .htaccess file. All of the information needed to use php 5.3 with your accounts can be found in our support portal here:

    I apologize for any confusion with compatibility, however this should help you get your backups working. If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know.

    Preston M.
    Linux Systems Administrator LLC

    Since Hostgator uses the default cPanel hosting management, probably most the other hosts using cpanel too may not have their PHP active to the required level to run BackWPup 3+. The version of PHP installed is visible bottom left when logging into your cpanel account.

    I have tried this solution. No more error message, but also no new backup in the bucket. I would really be careful here!

    Such a pity that such a nice tool gets a useless overhaul.
    Back to 2.1.7.

    Agreed Smukaha, we had to revert to 2.1.7 as well, to have any reliable results. Sadly, BackWUp is an upgrade failure through 3.04 so far. The BackWUp developers need to bring in someone who can spell (many code errors due to incorrect spelling) and knows what they are doing otherwise.

    (many code errors due to incorrect spelling)

    @inndesign Are you saying you’ve found misspelled PHP code in plugin files? Would you mind posting an example?

    class-cron.php on line 140 & 141
    $temp_fodler should be $temp_folder
    as example, but Daniel said he fixed a few days ago.

    Hoping Daniel is not actually the one coding, because his spelling throughout the posts is seriously challenged 🙂

    Hello @inndesign, I understand what you mean however I am always able to read and understand what Daniel types without a problem.

    Daniel is doing a great job providing this plugin for free and replying as much as he can to all the questions asked here. I feel in my humble opinion that Daniel deserves credit more than anything else.

    Kind regards

    @inndesign Dude, just because someone doesn’t spell very well in English doesn’t mean he’s stupid, does it? Let’s stay all fair here. The typo is a typo, though, shouldn’t happen, but does occasionally.

    Agreed. Daniel absolutely deserves a lot of credit. I have been using his plugin on many sites.
    Some people forget that this is provided for free. When something does not go perfect, they behave like entitled kids when mom doesn’t bring their milk in time.
    Let’s give him kudos and some time to get this working again.

    Plugin Author Alex Frison


    Thanks for the credit Sumukha! We really appreciate that. 🙂

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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