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  • This is for people using version 1.0.5 to 1.1.7. If you use a version above that, you can ignore this.

    In some days the new version of the theme should be out (1.1.8 will the number most likely be). You must backup the Custom CSS field, as it will completely be gone when you’ve updated.

    Why? Because the theme reviewers required dynamic.css to be removed, which that field used (it was also very unstable in itself). The dynamic styles have been completely rebuilt from the ground up, and also fixes some big issues (see changelog).

    Questions and Answers

    Q: I didn’t see this thread in time, my CSS is gone – what to do?
    A: If you haven’t clicked save in the theme options once since you updated the theme, there is a small chance your custom css can still be found if you overwrite the new theme with the old version (Download 1.1.2), so the field appears again. Backup the CSS and then update the theme again, and add it to the sample child theme’s style.css instead (download via help dropdown). If the CSS is gone, then I’m sorry but there is nothing else I could’ve done to warn.

    Q: I had the full version before, but now after the update the shortcodes, social article buttons and more is gone!
    A: Re-download the full theme from here again. Delete the version from admin, upload the new zip. Your admin panel settings should be saved. The full version has now been moved to a 2.X.X version number, so you will not get confusing update notifications from again.

    Q: Where did the background image and the promised header image option go?
    A: They had to be removed in order for the update to be accepted by theme reviewers, as these features did not use WordPress’ standard functionality, but OptionTree image upload fields. These options still exist in the version, and may make a rebuilt comeback to the version later on.

    Q: Where did the custom.css file option go?
    A: Had to be removed in order for the update to be accepted by theme reviewers. Instead a sample child theme is supplied in the help dropdown, which is the “correct” way to modify a WordPress theme – as it won’t be overwritten by updates. (The release still has a custom.css file option as well for those who prefer that over child theme, as of 2.0.2)

    The following has been done since 1.1.2, which is the current release now when I write (read from bottom to top, as things were added and then removed).
    Full Changelog

    December 4 2013 - 1.1.8
    - Added sample child theme download to help dropdown
    - ( release) Removed custom.css file, as required
    - ( release) Removed non-standard header image option, as required
    - ( release) Removed non-standard background image option, as required
    December 3 2013 - 1.1.6 & 1.1.7
    - Moved add_action and add_filter outside of function_exists
    - Added function_exists to functions registering custom widgets
    December 2 2013 - 1.1.5
    - Added empty title/id/icon checks for social links and widget areas
    - Added star indication for admin comments
    November 30 2013 - 1.1.4
    - Improved child theme support
    - Updated help dropdown
    - Added option for boxed layout for better background image support
    - Added font selection option (also latin-ext, cyrillic)
    - Rebuilt dynamic styling options:
    -- Fixed for theme updates
    -- Fixed for network and subdirectory installations
    -- Fixed so that no file permission/chmod is required
    -- Fixed css for each styling option to only be added if set
    -- Added option to disable styling options css
    -- Removed dynamic.css
    November 22 2013 - 1.1.3
    - Improved IE8 support
    - Added option for header image
    - Fixed nav dropdowns expanding behind second nav row when too many menu links are used
    - Removed custom css field in styling options, replaced with custom.css file option
    - Fixed thumbnail comment count position with Disqus plugin enabled
    - Fixed related posts heading appearing even if there are no related posts
    - Changed page background area to full body background in styling options
    - Changed theme license to GPLv3

    Thanks for reading!

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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