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  • The image fields on WordPress are new to me as I am more familair with another CMS.
    I’m confused…what is the purpose of the image
    Alt ( I know this one)

    If I fill them all out is it over kill and are there any SEO benefits.
    I only know that the alt tags are important. But if having title or descriptions also will make the image show on a google image search that is not such a bad thing either.
    Thank you in advance.

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  • esmi


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    Title: primarily for back end use, this holds the name of your image. Giving each each a human-readable title may pay dividends when your Media Library is much larger.

    Caption: A very short description of the image which will be displayed on the public site.

    Description: A longer image description. Often displayed when you use a thumbnail to link to a larger image.

    I’d recommend that you do use the Title field for the reason given above. The Alt field should be used if the image contains information – in which case, provide a text alternative. This alternative will be used if a visitor cannot access, or see, your images. If the image is purely decorative, you don’t need to complete this field.

    Perfect! Thank You. I am assuming then that is no SEO downside to populating all fields. Just wanted to make sure I was “keyword stuffing”



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    There’s no SEO downside as long as the text you’re using is pertinent to the image. As some of this is output on the final page (either visibly or “under the hood”), just avoid using the same keywords or phrases over and over again.

    When you say power and over again, I am curios as to what exactly you mean. I was searching for a way to describe this question, however KitBenn phrased it better, (so, KitBenn,I ride your back, sorry and thanks for the lift).

    I am very concerned about this warning regarding duplication of words and phrases that I am reading about in SEO info.

    I am using a gallery to display my work. The gallery is made up of images that are the “featured image” in the posts. There are few words if any in the text area of most posts and comments are turned off (there will be a blog in another location on the site),so I rely on ‘Keywords’ in the posts and, the Title etc. in the ‘media library’.

    Since my product and the variations are few, however I have many examples, I am having trouble inventing Keywords that should differentiate the images in the galley.

    Am I thinking of the concerns incorrectly? Am I doing it right? any ideas before I go and dump all of the content in (trying to create a workflow).

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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