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  • Hi guys,

    Im hoping someone here has found the answer to this issue I’m having here. I’m moving my wordpress blog from one host to a new host (new host being 1&1) so I moved everything over beautifully, the theme etc. I then went to the old blog at the old web host, exported the xml file using the export tool in wordpress and saved my xml file down to my computer. I then went to my new host and started the import process.

    Problem is, it imports for all of 10 seconds, then jumps to the “assign authors” page. After that, I hit “submit” and Im taken to a blank content area in the admin. All the nav on the top and left are there, but an empty/blank main content area.

    I then check the tags, posts, categories and users section. the only thing that imports are the users.

    So heres what I know and what I’ve done.

    * Both the old blog and new blog are running wordpress 2.9

    * Old blog runs on MySQL 4, new one on MySQL 5 (not sure it matters since we’re importing/exporting using XML

    * Because Im on 1&1, I’ve made all the necessary changes to byte size limits, bandwidth limits and such to my .htaccess and php.ini files.

    * My xml file ive exported is a mete 1.6 mb, so I know that its not a timeout issue.

    * At one time, I made an attempt and it imported all the users AND half the post tags, but then it sat there spinning its wheels and never did anythign else for 2 hours. So I cancelled, dropped the database tables and started fresh. Still the same problem.

    As you can see, I’ve exhausted darn near evey resourse I can find, I’ve tried every fix or hack I could find on the internet.

    Can anyone help me with this? God I’d appreciate it a TON!

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