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  • Is it possible to import my existing users (from when I had my blog on to Feedburner, which I’m now using with my self-hosted blog? I have about 100 subscribers.

    All documentation that I’ve read says this is not possible, but I am an eternal optimist and think anything is possible.

    Please confirm my optimistic outlook on life and tell me that there’s a way… oh yeah, and that it’s easy? Hope I’m not asking too much!

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  • they were both on feedburner?

    Couldn’t you just switch the url feedburner is pulling from, from old to new?

    No, only the second one was on feedburner. The account just used the default subscription management. When I moved the blog over, I imported the subscribers and used the Subscribe 2 plugin and then added Feedburner a month later. So, I have 100 subscribers that aren’t in Feedburner – they are set up as users in my blog. How can I get them to receive the feedburner feed?

    Part of the problem is that my hosting company is having issues queuing emails and they aren’t getting to the subscribers. I thought if I could move my users to Feedburner it wouldn’t be an issue. Hope that’s not complicating this unnecessarily.

    Any luck with this? I too have over 1000 WP users that need to be imported into Feedburner email.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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