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  • I have an old blog I am wanting to disassociate with but I don’t want to lose all the entries. Is there anyway to import them already under password protection or hidden so they do not just pop up in the new blog?

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  • What system is it comming from? There are several imports available that will import existing posts. When they get imported, they get put with the date they were originally posted, so they shouldn’t jsut pop up in WP, unless viewing the archives.

    If you are importing from a wordpress blog, from a similar version as the one you are using now, it should be easy to do a database dump, and then merge that with the existing database. It’s worth a shot, I probably would try importing one, or a few password protected posts and see what happens.

    I am importing my old Movable Type blog… there are just the issues of that my posts were authored by me using my real name, and I don’t even want them in the archives where any joe can see them. I thought about not even moving them but…

    Could you make a mySQL dump of your blog, open it in a text editor and do find/replace on your real name? That would take care of the author issue.

    goodsnake, if your problem is that the author’s name for those posts is your real name, then I have a personalized import-mt.php script which lets you change the name of the authors of the posts while importing. You could try that out. Let me know if you are interested.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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