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    I am helping to rebuild a new WordPress site for a client. The old site uses a plugin called User Access Manager for content restriction. They have roughly 17,000 users – some are paid members and some are not. When viewing Users on the backend, there is an extra column added by UAM as well that says what member group they belong to. And the user roles seem to be ‘Subscriber’ for paid members and ‘Nonmember’ for users that are not paid members.

    The new build is also a WordPress site and will be using Paid Member Subscriptions for content restriction. I am not seeing that PMS plugin has a way of importing members from another WP database. What are your suggestions for handling this issue?

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    As you’ve seen Paid Member Subscriptions doesn’t have a User Import functionality. So for strictly exporting/importing users from one site to another, you should be able to achieve this with any import/export user plugin (for example something like this).

    Important: The Content Restriction functionality from Paid Member Subscriptions works based on whether a user is subscribed (is a member) to a subscription plan that was created with our plugin, and not on a user’s user role. So for the users to view your restricted content (on which you applied the PMS Content Restriction), then it’s necessary for them to also have an Active PMS Membership.

    For the users to be able to have a PMS Membership they can:

    1. Go to the page where you have the PMS Registration form and purchase a subscription plan from there (by themselves). This way the user can even purchase a recurring subscription plan (if you’ve made the subscription plan to be recurring). Note: Even if the users already have a WordPress account created on your site, they can still purchase a PMS subscription plan from the registration form (you can read more about this here).
    2. Or, you as an Administrator can add already existing users as members to a PMS subscription plan, even bulk. This can be done from Paid Member Subscriptions -> Members page (you can read more about this here). But of course, if you decide to do this, then the users will not be paying for the membership you gave them, and also that membership will not be a recurring one (since the users did not purchase that subscription plan by themselves).

    Note: Just as a recommendation, before Importing or Exporting users you can do a backup of your site/database. This will help you restore your database in case something will not work correctly. And also you can test these first on a staging/testing site to see if everything is working correctly.

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    Thank you for the detailed response! I will check out the links that you put in there.

    Have a good one!

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