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  • Hello all, does anyone know a way to import users from a CSV file without the passwords getting hashed? I am trying out plugins such as “members import” and “import users from csv” and both seem to hash the passwords. These are the fields i’m trying to import and i want the password to be the exact Password when importing:


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  • Don’t the passwords need to become hashed?

    If they don’t get hashed, how will the users login?

    WordPress compares the stored hash, to the hash of what the user enters to validate login.

    Maybe so, I’m not completely sure how its suppose to work, but am just seeing if there’s a way to get a way to set it up so the users can log in with the exact passwords set because there are over 1000 users and they need to be somewhat memorable.

    You need to get that data into the wp_users table.

    Have a look at this as a starting point:


    Have you tested the hashed passwords?
    You cannot import users passwords into the database and not have the passwords be hashed.

    You can test the hashed passwords with an MD5 hash generator like this one:

    Ok finally got it to work with the “Members Import” Plugin!

    I didn’t have the “user_email” field, so I added it and, also switched the order to user_login, user_pass, first_name, last_name, and user_email. Had over 1000 users, such a huge relief.

    Thank you all for your help!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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