• Hi,
    I have tried to import users from an existing database.

    I have used wp_insert_user to create the user and afterwards update_user_meta to set all the meta fields that I have created un ultimate_members. Finally I called um_after_new_user_register($user_id, array(“role”,$role)); to set the corret role.

    Unfortunately the profiles show up empty in the members directories until you log into the profiles and click save once (in the ultimate users page)

    I have serialized the conditinonal fields of which i have a few.

    Any tip why the profiles don’t show up instantly?


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    During import I get the following errors:
    Notice: Undefined index: submitted in …/ultimate-member/core/um-actions-register.php on line 144

    Notice: Undefined index: custom_fields in …/ultimate-member/core/um-actions-profile.php on line 64

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