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    I am building a new site and have set up a dev url. I exported the data (mostly custom post types with advanced custom field data) and imported in to the development site. All good so far.

    Now the customer has made many changes to the content on the live site and wants to update the dev site with the changes.

    If I go to the live site and export again, if I import this to dev, will it create duplicate pages of what is already there on my dev site or overwrite the data their currently?


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  • How are you exporting and importing the site please?

    I used the WordPress import and export tool on both sites, so export from old, import to new.

    Ok that’s what I thought you might be doing. So the way to get a snapshot of the clients site is to take a copy (export) of the database using myPhpAdmin or a plugin and then overwrite your dev database with the new copy. You will have to edit the database to search and replace the urls from the production one to the dev one. There are tools to do that.

    Keep in mind that this will change the active theme and plugins data on your dev site so you’d have to change that back in the admin panel. You will also need the wp-content/uploads folder if there are images attached to the new content which I’m sure there are.

    I’d need to know more about what you are “building” but if you are just changing themes and editing template files (hopefully using a child theme) then the above should work. Take a back up first of course.

    Another possible solution would be to use a plugin to bulk delete the content on the dev site and re-import it like you did the first time.


    Many thanks for your reply, the reason for not copying the whole site including files and database was because many changes are being made. For example, there is a whole new page structure, the old site uses Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) heavily and the new site uses ACF but in a different way to provide different content. The posts and images however are all the same (apart from some new image sizes but I can regenerate those).

    I have uploaded all of the media via ftp, is there a way to link these up to make these show in the media section so all images can be relinked to each page/post/custom post type?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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