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  • Krammig


    Thanks for reading ;

    I have tried several plugins including WP All Import and all are taking an extraordinary amount of time to import. Not the plugins fault I believe.

    For example I am currently trying to import 239 Variable (new) products. So far I am up to record 32 and it has been 5 hours 7 minutes. Trying to run an Update for pricing is just not worth doing it just stalls/runs for days.

    Using other systems I have on other servers running with MSSQL I never experience anything like this. My feeling is the issue relates to the way WordPress handles data and tables. There must be a way to have PHP / WordPress / Woocommerce run well mySQL ?? Isn’t there ??
    Or, as I have read should I try and get this migrated to MSSQL. Is Maria DB an option ?


    a) Can I speed this up by adding Indexes to any tables and if so which ones and what types of index on what fields.

    b) Tables
    _options 29024
    _posts 124572
    _postmeta 1340644

    Products 4,900
    Average products has about 5 colours and 10-15 sizes

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


    As far as I know I am using INNODB
    PHP 7.1
    mySQL 5.6
    Wordpress 4.9.6
    Dedicated Server running Windows
    CPU 3.53GHZ
    RAM 32GB with 4GB allocated to PHP and 4GB allocated to mySQL and this job.

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  • bemdesign


    Have you checked with the importer plugin developers? This does sound abnormal. Anything showing up in the server logs?

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes have had a conversation with them and like you they also say it sounds very odd, and should not be taking anywhere near as long.

    Since then I have been searching around for tweaks to the php.ini and wp-config.php I have added and adjusted a few things but still no luck, just the same results. Nothing in the logs either.

    It is just as if there is a struggle to access the data as if it is almost doing a sequential read through the data rather than grabbing what it needs directly using an index for example.



    Hi Krammig,

    I have a similar issue, it takes a minute to upload 3 products on average. Do you have any solution to speed it up? Thanks.

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