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Import Posterous wordpress.com vs wordpress.org

  • So here is my dilema.

    When I import posterous to wordpress.com, some of my posts have the wrong pictures attached to them. This happens everytime I try and on different posts but it always happens. Also. the pictures are not all imported. About 2/3 make it, the others are linked. Cool, but not as cool as could be.

    When I import posterous to my self hosted wordpress site, using the “import posterous” plugin, I see all the correct pics attached to all the correct posts. And none of the pictures are linked.
    All those pictures are very low res pics which makes it’s absolutely useless for my picture site.

    So I was wondering if maybe this was a quick fix ?
    Use the importer posterous plugin and rewrite some code to make it so that the pics pulled from posterous are highest def possible?

    I know nothing of php of course, and I don’t have access to the code from the wordpress.com posterous importer.

    Could anyone help from that team ?


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  • Well – could you import to your hosted blog, then do an “Export” (which should create a proper “WordPress” export archive) which will give you a bunch of files, including the WordPress_export_1.xml.

    Then use that as the input to an “Import” operation on you WordPress.com site.

    I have some click-by-click instructions in a video I created. Have a look at this thread.

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