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    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone that is familiar with phpNews could create an importer script that could allow me to take all of my previous posts on my site and roll them into the new site, or alternatively, could anyone tell me how to do it manually? The RSS feed importer isn’t really working.

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  • I mean to put “Import” in the title but had a brain fart there.

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    I think probably an example would help a bit.

    There is an example post that contains the full post and comments as well. Alternatively, I could post the RSS feed that phpnews produces, but it doesn’t contain comments or anything. If possible, I’d like to import the comments too.

    It’s not an easy task writing a custom exporter and possibly a custom importer. Been there, done that and the effort for one website or a few just isn’t worth the effort without some help on the “from” site. What formats does phpNews export to? If the answer is none, you have a long and/or expensive road ahead. It’s not impossible but it might be too hard.

    That was my initial problem, that PhpNews doesn’t export into anything, except perhaps an RSS feed.

    (An example being

    However, the RSS feeds only display a teaser of the full article because of the way PhpNews works.

    Well, it’s sort of resolved, since I went in earlier this morning and manually added each and every comment and news post. I e-mailed the coder and suggested a way to export PhpNews into other formats in a future release.

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