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    Hello opajaap,

    First of all, congratulation for this great plugin.

    Let me try to explain my issue:

    I am trying to upload a ZIP file (9 mb) with 99 photos (max 134 KB). I go to Upload and everything works with the ZIP file. Then I go to Import photos, Extraction works fine, and I select the 99 photos to import in one album. After some time, I get a connection reset from Firefox 15.0.1 (I am using Version 4.7.18).

    I know that my server has a request time limitation of 60s. Until and after the connection reset error, I could see through the FTP server that the plugin was actually cutting/pasting/renaming between the depot and /wppa folder. After some time it stopped (way after the connection reset error appeared).

    When I got back to the Album admin I got following result: 45 photos imported, 73 still in the depot and I can see that some pictures have been uploaded at least two times…

    I am not sure if I can raise the request time limitation on the server. How do I go around this problem? How do I know if I will have enough time to import the photos before Firefox/Server sends a reset. Why some pictures are two times imported? Does this problem has to do with the time needed to cut/past/rename from one place to another while importing process?

    Thanks a lot if you can help me on this.

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  • Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    Why some pictures are two times imported?

    The sourcefile is removed not earlier then everything is ready:
    db entry, file (resized) copy, exif and iptc data extraction and recording in db tables, and thumbnail creation,
    If you check Table IX-A4: Autoclean, you should normally not end up with double entries. But i can imagine that there are possible moments in time when the server kills the process, where you end up with inconsistencies.
    It should do no harm, you can always manually remove incomplete entries, or run Table VIII-A6 to regain system consistency.

    Is it not possible to split it into zips of 25 images, that you can import one by one?

    Hello opajaap,

    Thank you for your rapid answer and support. I will try with 25 photos. I was wandering if there is any possibilities to check how much time takes the importing process in advance? It all depends on the size of the photos and the rapidity of the server, right? In the future, I would like to be able to know what is the maximum number of photos I can pack into a ZIP and import if I know what size have the pictures. Any idea?



    I tried your solution:

    ZIP size: 2 MB, Content: 25 JPEG files
    ZIP upload: OK
    ZIP extraction: OK
    IMPORT: Connection reset error

    First 7 pictures imported into album
    18 following pictures imported two times each into album
    Album content: 43 pictures (after run of VIII-A6)
    All together the 7 pictures are 644 KB…

    It would mean the server is creating inconsistencies after only 700 KB of data worked out.

    Autoclean is checked.
    VIII-A6 does not delete doubled imported pictures since they have different IDs but correct the number of pictures actually imported into the album. First I saw only 7 singles + 9 doubles and then 7 singles + 18 doubles. I am wandering if the server kept working in background until I ran VIII-A6.

    Thanks for your support.


    Plugin Author Jacob N. Breetvelt


    WPPA+ does nothing in the background. Are you sure the Delete after import box is checked?

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