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  • Hello all,

    I recently started using EXIF data on my blog under the photoblog category and decided I want to use the GPS exif as well (example in the post The Red Box). In case anyone else wants to do this, I thought I’d post the code. I’ll just put the code here and hope that those who want to use it know how to. There will be a post on my blog in a few days (Monday) explaining it a little more (Geo EXIF data in WordPress).

    In wp-admin/includes/image.php in the function starting at line 231, change the array to,

    $meta = array(
    		'aperture' => 0,
    		'credit' => '',
    		'camera' => '',
    		'caption' => '',
    		'created_timestamp' => 0,
    		'copyright' => '',
    		'focal_length' => 0,
    		'iso' => 0,
    		'latitude' => 0,
    		'latitude_ref' => '',
    		'longitude' => 0,
    		'longitude_ref' => '',
    		'shutter_speed' => 0,
    		'title' => '',

    Then after

    if (!empty($exif['ISOSpeedRatings']))
    	$meta['iso'] = $exif['ISOSpeedRatings'];


    if (!empty($exif['GPSLatitude']))
    	$meta['latitude'] = $exif['GPSLatitude'] ;
    if (!empty($exif['GPSLatitudeRef']))
    	$meta['latitude_ref'] = trim( $exif['GPSLatitudeRef'] );
    if (!empty($exif['GPSLongitude']))
    	$meta['longitude'] = $exif['GPSLongitude'] ;
    if (!empty($exif['GPSLongitudeRef']))
    	$meta['longitude_ref'] = trim( $exif['GPSLongitudeRef'] );

    That causes the GPS info to be imported into the database when a photo is uploaded (not including the altitude, because I only needed a map location).

    The code I use within my theme to show the location info is in this text file.

    If you have suggestions for improving the code I’d love to hear them.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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