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  • I have an old e107 website with Coppermine plugin gallery.

    Wondering (hoping) there is a way to easily import or convert these albums/photos into a NextGEN gallery in WordPress??

    Have a feeling this is not going to be fun 🙁

    Can’t post here without saying – Awesome plugin! Thanks Alex and Photocrati.

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  • I’m not sure if you have lots of data associated with the images that you are trying to save, which makes it trickier.

    You can import from folder or zip, which can make it easier to get a lot of images up there.

    I can’t really recommend the script below. I will give you the link, but the script was made in 2010 and NextGen has changed since.

    Here is the page.

    If you did decide to give it a shot, backup, backup, and backup a couple of extra times. Changes are really good that some modification would be necessary.

    I included it here because it might be a decent starting point for a new conversion script if your a coder.

    Let me know if your going to take a crack at it. Otherwise, I might give it a shot when I have some time.

    Thanks for the information. I ran across that script during my search for a solution. Not sure it’s going to work for what I was hoping for.

    My e017 website has a few thousand users, and has a coppermine gallery with about 1500+ photos. Each photo uploaded by a user is in that user’s directory (there are several hundred of those), and associated with that user’s account. Ideally, I would like to retain that association, even if the photos all get stored in a single directory. It’s probably too much to hope for – but I’ve been surprised before 🙂

    This might to turn into one of those projects where I do a ton of manual tasks to get the desired result. Or, I might just consolidate all the files into one directory and then import using the NextGEN feature. I might just consider all those old photo files legacy data and associated with the just one “oldpics” user.


    If you want to migrate your e107 Coppermine plugin albums/galleries/images to a NextGen Gallery this works:

    I modified the script from this link:

    Here’s a link to the modified version:

    I configured and launched the original script as instructed in the first link. On the first try I got an error that said it was looking for something it did not find, or did not like. So, I stripped whatever it was looking for out of the code. I did this several times and ended up with a modified script that gets the job done.

    The modified script will pull images out of each of the e107 user’s image folders – something the original script did not do.

    You’ll end up with galleries you will find and can managed with your NextGen Gallery manager. You will loose some of the information – like who uploaded which photo. But, at least you’ll be able to retain all of your photos fairly easily. After you get your photos migrated, you’ll need to manage each new gallery to create thumbnails.

    I used this with:
    e107 7.25
    Coppermine Plugin 1.3.5
    WordPress 3.5.1
    NextGen 1.9.12

    Make backups of your WP database and files before using. Use at your own risk. Good luck 🙂

    Follow-up to my post above…

    The modified script above works. However, I have found an issue that needs work. It would be better if the script incorporated a function to clean up the image filenames during the migration. After running this script you could end up with original filenames that have spaces (or other characters – but especially spaces) that will make it impossible for NextGen to work with those particular files.

    I don’t know how to fix the script to do that. So, I’m doing some SQL updates on the database entries. Then, I’ll need to run some bash magic on the filenames to remove or replaces spaces.

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