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  • I decided today to move my blog from to, hosted by Bluehost. The WordPress installation went fine and the export from my blog also had no issues. I installed the import tool and immediately ran into an issue with the size of my import file. It’s around 20Mb, so I changed the maxsize setting in the php file and the error didn’t show anymore.

    After a while though it seemed the import had stopped and when checking the available posts there are none. When I look into the library it seems some pictures have been downloaded, but the format is not like the original (they are almost all square). I tried redoing the import, but I then get the message that a lot of files are already present.

    How can I solve this? Select a reinstall from the WordPress menu and try again or do I need to do this differently?

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  • Have done some more testing and found out that if I don’t check the option to import the attached files (which I assume are all the pictures), the import goes fine. Problem I then have is that all my pictures are still hosted on my site, which I obviously want to change. Since I have close to 700 posts it’s impossible to do this manually and change each and every post to point to the new files.

    Seems there are a lot of issues with the import tool (have googled a lot, but haven’t found any solution for the WP import plugin). I did however found a plugin called “Hot Linked Image Cacher”, which goes through every post you have and downloads all the linked images and replaces the links with local versions.

    Downside is that it removes all the naming you might have given your images and gives it a random code and secondly the images will not appear in your library. For now I guess this will have to do as it means I could close down the .com blog without it effecting my self hosted blog.

    Every issue I’ve seen relating to .com-to-org had had to do with the size of the import file or a clash of domain names causing a loop. The former is beyond WP’s control and is completely dependant on the server’s max file size and max execution time settings.

    As stated I did change the max file size. Can I find the max execution time setting in the same place?

    You may be able to reset it via the php.ini but if you are on shared hosting, I’d suggest checking with your hosts about it first. Also have a look at

    Well, I am allowed to change the php.ini myself, so I will just increase the number quite a bit and redo the import. If that doesn’t work I will try splitting the import files.

    What’s the easiest way to clear it all and redo the import. Have done a re-install of WordPress previously, but there must be an easier way.

    If it was me. I’d empty the database of all tables and re-run the install via wp-admin/install.php

    Things I would be able to do easily on my own PC, but looking at the Bluehost cPanel I have no idea how to access the database itself or run the install.php.

    I have no idea how to access the database itself

    Bluehost should be able to help with this.

    or run the install.php.

    Just navigate to http://your_domain/wp-admin/install.php using your web browser.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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