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  • Hi,
    Can the group where I want to add the recipient be set on the import-file?
    Meaning I would like to have my numnber added to the group “foes”
    And in the same file I would import my wifes number and add it to group “friends”

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  • It’s a good idea, like if you could add a column with an ID for a group and then it would auto-assign to those groups.

    Right now you can just import them one at a time, ie. a list of with “friends” and then a list of “foes” afterwards. If the same are in multiple groups, they could be in both feeds.

    In any case, we are working on an update, and this would be a nice addition to that.

    (I’m the lead developer of the plugin)

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    Thanks for a super-fast response.
    I am looking for a SMSGateway to a project for customer who arranges 300 courses / year. And sometimes the teacher gets sick or you have to inform the participants on any changes. So it course would be a group. And instead of importing one course at a time you could import all the courses at the same import.
    Do you already have a schedule when the next update is released?

    Sounds like a good scenario. No, currently we’re more focused on other tasks, but I’ve already forwarded your request to the project lead.

    If you write a mail to and link to this discussion, then we’ll get in touch asap.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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