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    Importing the JSON file from a recent export results in an Invalid Data error.
    Any hints as to haw to resolve this? Thanks!

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    Can you give some more details as to what’s happening? A screenshot might help. Do you see any errors in the browser console too?




    TLDR: remove the timestamp from the date at the end of the JSON file to resolve issue.

    The error message that popped up actually said “Invalid Date” not data. So I experimented and solved the issue by removing the timestamp from the date on the last line of the JSON file. That did the trick and was able to import.

    However, that didn’t solve everything. Most of the images in the imported slide shows were missing despite having been imported. My guess is that may have something to do with my running multisite on the destination and not on the source.

    But I digress. The topic of has been resolved.

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    Thanks for the followup. I’ll admit we didn’t test that scenario but I’m not sure how the date would be causing an issue. Do you still have the original export file? Can you upload it somewhere and link to it here?

    The image search will just check for the filename. We use a pretty basic WP function for that. Specifically:

    $image = get_posts(array(
        'post_type' => 'attachment',
        'name' => $filename,
        'posts_per_page' => 1,
        'post_status' => 'inherit',

    Any idea why that wouldn’t work? Did some of the file names change maybe? This is still a new feature so I’m happy to adapt the functionality to cover some edge cases if you can describe your export/import process a bit more.

    How many images does the site have?

    In the end, what happened? Were you only able to import some of the slideshows?

    Appreciate the feedback, thanks!

    Nope… I removed the date… but still won’t import. I have the PRO version on the old site and I want to import the slides to the new site (then I will transfer the license over to the new site). I get an Invalid Date message – even after I remove the date. The old site has to remain running whilst I transfer to a new VPS server… it is running signage TVs slides for 7 five star hotels.

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    Hi @alennon Can you open your own issue?


    Can you also share the export file? You can upload it secretly to somewhere like https://gist.github.com/ but make sure you remove any sensitive data (there shouldn’t be, but in case a filename were to be considered “sensitive”).

    @alennon Remove the timestamp at the end of the export file, not the date.

    As for my images, I’ll open a separate issue so that people can search for that.

    Also very much appreciate the help!

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    H @secretagency

    @alennon was able to get it working just by switching from Safari to Chrome. I’ll investigate issues with Safari this week but maybe try Chrome if you are having some issues?

    @secretagency ahhhhhh I understand now…. thanks again.

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