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  • I’ve been trying to track this down. I exported a site with about 700 posts. A 15mb .xml file. I made fresh installs at 3 different hosts: BlueHost, Media Temple & WP Engine. I increased the max file size in php.ini to accommodate. 2011 Theme and no plugins.

    Both Blue Host & Media Temple generated the errors as described in my first post above, and didn’t end up importing any pages. WP Engine appears to have imported the whole thing fine.


    I’ve continued to do export / import tests to try to track this down. It seems like even a very simple export causes problems to imports at Media Temple or BlueHost, but not WP Engine.

    So I tried making a small new site on Media Temple, exporting that… and then importing… it seems to work flawlessly on BlueHost etc. I can’t be certain since it was only 5 posts not 500, but at least with the small site, it seems that starting NOT at helped.

    Could it be that some customizing that does makes other hosts error on import? And that it does work for WP Engine because they’ve done something special to work with the exports?

    And if that’s in any way right, then how do I import a site that, unfortunately, started on

    Well, still struggling, the WordPress-2-Wordpress v0.6 importer is not a dream, at least not for a novice user like myself.

    One thing I feel certain about now, even though it may not be advertised or discussed, WP Engine and must be running special tweaked versions of this importer that “make nice” where most other installs have issues.

    Featured Images don’t import and / or generate errors, yet work flawlessly if you’re going to WP Engine or

    IDK why I don’t see more on this. It seems like a fundamental thing that many would use and I think many would have problems with. Perhaps there are other ways of moving sites that Pro / Webmaster types use that I don’t even know about…

    A 15mb .xml file.

    Try splitting that file down into smaller chunks.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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