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    I have a blacklist with spam referrer domains.

    I wanted to import them but I see no option. I was thinking about manually editing an import text file but the import mechanism in WF doesn’t allow it.

    Now I jammed all the domains in 1 block rule separated by ‘, ‘ e.g.,,…

    Not sure if that will work though.

    Any advice?

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  • Plugin Support WFAdam


    Hello @progonkpa and thanks for reaching out to us!

    How to block a referer (or referring website):
    This feature lets you block traffic arriving from any individual website. Why would you want to do this? Because many spammers visit your site claiming they arrived from their own website, when in fact they didn’t. They’re sending you a fake “referer” header which they’re hoping will appear in your logs so that you might click on them. Also, if you show referrers anywhere on your public-facing site, this will give the spammers’ links more visibility and more clicks. So this feature gives you a way to block those bad referrers. Here’s how:

    Let’s say there’s a website called that you know is spam. If you ever get a visitor arriving at your website who claims to have arrived from you may want to block them. Simply enter:


    as your blocking pattern. Just like in the web browser examples above, referer blocking uses the asterisk (*) as a wildcard to let you specify patterns that either start with, end with or contain your text. is also a great reference for blocking custom patterns.

    Let me know if this helps!


    @wfadam Thanks for looking into this.

    I want to block this list but for obvious reasons I don’t wish to enter them one by one:

    You can see how I tried to tackle my problem in the screenshot.
    Will that work? 🙂


    Plugin Support WFAdam



    Indeed crafty, but I am not sure that will work the way you want it to. I have not personally tested that though.

    You will have to add them one by one, good thing being you can always export it and save it, so you won’t have to do it ever again.


    Yeah that’s not going to happen lol :’D

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