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  • Hey everyone I’m sick of Joomla 1.0. Some of it’s features are nice but I find it really convoluted to use. I’m much more familiar with wordpress since I run it on my other sites. So I would like to switch over my site to wordpress. The problem is I’ve never seen a wordpress set up like my site.

    I need to be able to migrate my users, their profiles and all the articles from Joomla. Are their any migration scripts you can point me to that would make this more automated?

    Also I’m using the community builder plugin on joomla right now, which is pretty extensive for creating user profiles, custom fields and allowing users to maintain their own myspace-like profile page. Can wordpress do this by default or is there a plugin needed?

    Last but not least once everything is migrated over how do I set up wordpress so that so that all my members can submit articles? isn’t really a blog, it’s more like a small social network and article site. Can wordpress do this?

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  • I would love an answer to this, too. I imported my xoops users into Joomla, now I am switching to WP to make it easier for my successor on a volunteer site to manage it, and I need to import the users so they don’t have to re-register.

    Have either of you bothered to search the Codex for “importers”? No – I didn’t think so. If there is one for Joomla it would be posted. If not …. there is not sufficient demand for someone to bother writing one.

    There is a script for importing content at this link:



    • It does NOT import users – but the author mentions a tweak you can make to configuration.php to at least alter defalt author name.
    • It doesn’t work for all versions of Joomla – but the author has an extension to convert your Joomla installation back to a 1.0.13 so that you can import it into WordPress – (check the comments, he links to the extension in there, I dont know how effective it is since I didn’t need it)
    • It doesn’t work with a 2.7 WordPress installation – but you can install an earlier WP version (I think it works with 2.3.2), import content from Joomla and THEN upgrade to WP 2.7 (that’s what I did)
    • You need to set up categories in WordPress to match the Joomla content BEFORE you import and people have had some difficulties so read the directions and comments etc carefully.

    My recommendation is to test it out first to get a feel for how it works and how you might be able to manipulate it for best results, then set it all up for real. Just make sure you use a whole new database for playing, testing and finally running the real import.

    As for registered members, with one of my sites I had Joomla linked to an SMF forum so I plan to find a way to get the 1,000 or so members imported by linking the WordPress installation to my forum – preferably SMF – but I will convert to another forum first if it will put my members into WordPress (eg phpbb). (I’m also open to any and all suggestions here!!!)

    Hope that helps in some way.

    Yes, as a matter of fact, I DID search for plugins. As it states above, they do NOT import users, which is specifically all I want. And the one I found that does, doesn’t import passwords, it generates new ones. That’s not very practical when you want a seemless switch for the end user.

    Any luck with this ScrltOTara?
    Cos i’ve been dying to get this done too 🙁

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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