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  • Hi all,

    I’m having some issues with the import function within WordPress after installing version 2.9.
    Normally you can after clicking, e.g. RSS import, import some files. But now I get a blanc page after clicking on al the import modes. Who can help?


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  • I’m having the same problem on one of my blogs. Any solution?

    Same here. I’m having import issues. After trying to import the XML file from my old blog, the import screen freezes and stops importing. Have tried several things, but nothing corrects the problem.

    No one with WORDPRESS seems to care about this issue. I’ve seen several posts on import issues with NO SOLUTION.

    Can anyone help?

    Hi all..
    Importing / Exporting content in wordpress really sucks.
    It’s a basic feature that I hope from any CMS… and the other opensource CMS like Drupal or Joomla do it right.
    Why the difficult ?
    You will find many and many issues around importing and exporting.
    The main reason is that wordpress stores a full absolute url for images, links, etc.
    Thats why you cannot simply make a sqldump, a zip of the /public_html folder.. like any other tools.
    ALSO If you only want to change your domain name, you can make a disaster in your wordpress installation. Then you must google about your situation, and you can found the right way to fix it after hours.
    So i decided to try with the core export / import content.. but :

    • Image size errors when importing content with images. You must disable php_safe_mode. (wordpress do not requires php safe mode off.. so means hours of debugging a stupid thing)
    • After solving safe_mode issue.. Finally the images has copied ok.. but… The image source already point to the original domain ! (the links luckly update ok )

      Really, the most used opensource CMS, it’ s so easy to use for the final users but has a very stupid little design/programming that makes stupid things so complicated !

    Here I posted a contribution to solve this kind of miration problems.
    Hope it help you !

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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