• I’ve used your Export tool to pull (WooCommerce) products down. I’ve edited the ‘order’ field for each of the records in the file.

    Based on the recommendation of a WooCommerce author,

    I’m using your Import Tool to upload the files to effectively merge into the existing products.

    [STEP 1] I’m importing the file into Existing Items (products) …
    [STEP 2] I don’t believe I need to add any filtering options so I move on..
    [STEP 3] This is where I’m getting confused. I add the title to the title line. I move on.
    [STEP 4] Warnings: Content is blank, and I need a WooCommerce add-on, or import may not work correctly. I verify the Title is selected to base matches on. I set it so that it will update only the fields I indicate. The ‘Order’ field is not listed, however.
    I’ve tried to use the ‘Menu Order’ item in the checklist, but that doesn’t work. I’ve tried to add a custom field ‘Order’, but that also doesn’t work.

    The import is not successful. Am I missing anything in Step 3? I’m literally trying to change one non-custom field.


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    Hi cantonjester,

    Are you using the exporter to export some data, edit the order value, and import that file back into the site that you exported it from? If you, so you can:

    1. Export the data you wish to edit
    2. Edit it however you like
    3. Go to the Manage Exports page and click ‘Import with WP All Import’ on the export that you just ran
    4. WP All Import will match the data to your products for you

    If you’re still having issues, please recreate the problem on a debug server: http://www.wpallimport.com/debug/

    And submit a support request: http://www.wpallimport.com/support/

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