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  • Are you able to export out of blogger in XML format?

    If so, It may be possible to just import the XML file to WP

    I exported the actual blog from blogger but the comments must be transferred separately. The comments must come from IntenseDebate. I followed their instructions for downloading. The file is a xml.gz which the plugin won’t recognize. I don’t know how to make it a plain xml.

    I believe xml.gz is just a GNU zipped xml file. It’s probably zipped because the file is so large.

    You may be able to just unpack the xml.gz file with something like winzip so it’s just a plane xml file, which you can then import.

    I hope this helps at all, It would be terrible to lose 4 years of comments!

    Thank you, THANK YOU!! I finally managed to unzip the darn file with 7-zip and about 75% of my comments transferred. Much better than none. THANK YOU!

    Thank you both it totally worked. I extracted the funky file with 7zip and uploaded it in the pluggin, at first it only imported half the comments so i ran it again and i think i got most of them now.

    I’m grateful to you i’ve been looking for a solution for ages but i’m kinda pi**ed off with intense debate, they had an inhouse pluggin and they removed it 4 years ago “temporarily” and never bothered making it available again.

    I’ll be looking for a new comment system to replace them… any suggestions?

    Millions of thanks again…

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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