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    I would like to try your plug in. I have two seperate review plug ins I would like to import from. The first has no photos and no categories, these are general reviews. They were collected with the site reviews plug in, and exported withe the wordpress exporter to an xml file.

    The second one has general shop reviews and product reviews with photos. Exported from customer reviews for woocommerce by cusrev into csv.

    My main goal is to get the latter linked back to my products, and to be able to display those along with the general reviews all on one page or section.

    TIA for any help.

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    You can import the reviews from both files using the Import Wizard of Judge.me. You can find the Import Wizard by following these steps.

    1. Go to plugin Judge.me
    2. Click on “Get Started! Open Judge.me now” to open your Judge.me Dashboard
    3. Click on “Import/Export”
    4. Scroll down and you will see the section “From Customers Directly (with import wizard)”
    5. From there, you can download the sample file in the description of that section:”Please prepare the file according to our requirements in our Judge.me help desk.”
    6. You can populate the sample file with the reviews you need and upload it through the Import Wizard.

    If it’s general reviews (a.k.a shop reviews) you don’t have to fill in the product_id or product_handle. If it’s a product review, you would need to fill in either product_id or product_handle (just one is needed). The product_id is the ID of that product in Woocommerce while the product_handle is the slug behind the product URL (for example, example.com/product/abc so abc is the product_handle)

    If you have trouble importing reviews, you can check out the help desk in that section too!

    After successfully imported reviews, you can install the All Reviews widget to show all reviews on one page. You can create another page and use this shortcode to install the widget [jgm-all-reviews]

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