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    We have a development site setup and were attempting to test the latest version of this plugin, but the import process seems to hang at 1%.

    The site is fully password protected, and we have CRON disabled currently. Any idea if those things could be an issue?


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  • Hello jayharle,

    Yes, you that’s exactly it. Due to the way the requests are made to the GatherContent API, the plugin does not currently work properly when the site is password protected in that way. We will eventually try to update it to allow for that, but for now, the best solution is to temporarily disable until you complete the import.

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    Understood, thanks! It looks like we will be unable to make use of the plugin unless it can get around the password protection as we have this setup on all of our sites.

    It would be great if you could add in USERNAME/PASSWORD fields that could be entered into the admin options screen for the plugin, as all of our WordPress dev sites are password protected until launch.

    We have 60 projects underway currently, and we use GatherContent for most of them but are manually moving content over into the sites for now. This plugin could be a huge help for my team, so definitely still looking forward to the possibility of giving an updated 5 star review.

    Thanks and happy new year!

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    Is there any specific IP address or IP range that I can whitelist to allow the service to bypass our password protection?

    Hey Jay, let me check on that with the GatherContent team.

    We have a WP site running 4.6.1 without any password restrictions and the importer always fails at 1%. Reverting back to GC plugin version 2.6.47 fixed the problem.

    Inderpreet, pre-3.0 is a completely different plugin, and does not support many of the newer GatherContent features like templates. We released an update, 3.0.6, which will hopefully will help with some of the stalled-import issues.

    This issue has been addressed with 3.0.7, by adding a setting for you to enter your http authentication username/password, allowing the plugin to make the authenticated asynchronous requests. Please update and test.

    This doesn’t seem to work in WP Engine (their ‘transferable installs’ are all password protected). Their servers don’t set the REMOTE_USER server variable but do have the PHP_AUTH_USER, PHP_AUTH_PW and also HTTP_AUTHORIZATION. Changing the auth_enabled method to detect PHP_AUTH_USER fixed it for me. I guess you might want a fallback or maybe just always display the authentication settings.

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    Thanks for reporting. I’ve gone ahead and checked for any/all of those keys:

    This will be in the next release.

    Still hangs at 1%, I’m testing it from a project being developed locally in a vagrant box at http://localhost:8080/.

    Any ideas where to look at?

    Import stopped at 1%

    Elvis, are you using the latest (3.0.8) version? Do you have basic auth enabled for any reason for that site?

    Hi Justin,

    Yes I’m using the latest version here (3.0.8), just installed it yesterday. No basic auth to access the site.

    Are you getting anything in your debug.log? Were you able to properly connect to gathercontent, authenticate your account, and add a template (I’m assuming, as you shouldn’t be able to get to this view if not). Have you tried clicking the “refresh connection” button in the lower left corner? Does your GatherContent user (that you added in the connection credentials page) have the proper permissions?

    Most all of that correct, the plugin is properly authenticated to the GatherContent account and the GC user has the right permissions to use the API. I have been able to properly add the template, map fields, etc. Clicked also the “refresh connection” button multiple times.

    Also, I’ve enabled the plugin’s debug mode via the constant in wp-options.php but nothing is reported in the gathercontent_debug.log file.

    I’ll try to check in WP core debug.log shortly as well.


    I just checked, and nothing get’s out displayed in a debug.log file. This is my current setting for debug options in wp-config.php:

    define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );
    define( 'WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false );
    define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );
    define( 'GATHERCONTENT_DEBUG_MODE', true );
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