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  • Hello,
    I get WordPress galleries in my content.
    When I export posts, I get shortcode like this: [gallery columns="4" ids="767,768,769,770"].

    But when I import the short code is recognized as text. So I get a string “[gallery columns="4" ids="767,768,769,770"]” in my content.

    Is there a way to remedy this?

    Ideally, does somebody know how to import gallery images from a csv file to wordpress?

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    Hi Whoaloic

    Thanks for reporting this.

    I’m sure this used to work if you import exactly as exported. Look at the export file with notepad before opening in Excel and then compare with what it looks like after you close Excel.

    Another possible solution would be to use ‘ instead of “. Bit of a long shot.

    Best wishes


    Yes, Indeed, it almost work.
    I get my gallery in the backend.
    But I get [gallery columns="4" ids="767,768,769,770"] in the front end.
    I have to update each post manually in order to make appear the gallery.

    Plus, it would be ideal that the WordPress default gallery identifies media by unique names instead of ID.
    For example: [gallery columns="4" ids="photo1.jpg,photo2.jpg,photo3.jpg,photo4.jpg"].

    I mean that when the admin fills the CSV file, it would be great if he could write the name of the file in the gallery column. Because, he could not guess the ID of media when the media upload.

    I clarify:
    When I upload [gallery columns="4" ids="767,768,769,770"] in post_content columns, it works fine.
    But I have created a custom post field with ACF plugin.
    I retrieve this field in the CSV file “gallery_photos” and in in this file it does not work correctly (see previous message).

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    Ok. I’ll see if anything can be done about that, but it may take a week or two before I have time.

    Best wishes


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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