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  • i know i can import posts and replies from some kinds of blogs into wordpress.
    but how can i import from another wordpress blog?
    i know i can do this with Mysql an PhpMyadmin and all of that, but i would like to have a simpler way to move my blog from one host to another.

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  • You could export to MovableType (and import that). Couple ways to do the export:


    I’m a newie and server dunce.

    Has the wordpress-to-wordpress transfer process seen any revolutionary developments since this discussion died? I’ve read all these links, am no closer to understanding the steps, and am deeply hoping a simpler process has become available.

    I think I’m doomed otherwise.


    I think what you seek is here:

    basically just upload yourbacked up database thne point to it through your config file, at least that’s how I understand it.

    Ah, this I can manage!


    If I understand the question correctly. Moti and leifpettersen are asking how to import an old wordpress db into a new wordpress db. Since WordPress admin offers a super simple “Import” section with ability to import Textpattern, Dotclear, Movable Type, LiveJournal, Blogger, RSS, it would seem like a logical place to start. (BTW- Starkmann, I don’t think you can “just point to your backed up database through your config file.”)

    In fact, your wordpress admin panel is a good place to start if you haven’t created a backup db yet. To do that effortlessly you should install <a href="">Skippy’s
    WordPress database backup plugin</a> This nifty plugin perform backs up your database automatically.

    The second step, if you dig deeper in to Starkmann’s link above you will find out that it is not the wordpress admin that can handle importing/restoring old dbs, but rather it is through your phpAdmin panel that this is done.
    Also keep in mind your phpAdmin is also capable of backing up your db much like Skippy’s plugin does, Skippy’s simply simplifies the process.

    P.s. What’s with everyone misspelling WordPress? For a second I thought Wordpres was a splinter project!?

    I just used this and it worked like a charm. I hope it helps.

    My bad, I read now that Moti DOESN’T want to go the route of phpMyAdmin. Thus this plugin likoma has suggested should suffice.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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