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  • I’m using the free blog at I wanted to split my blog up, and put a small subset into a new url.

    The export at is easy enough. Chose a date range, everything else at default. I get an xml.

    I import into an empty site. here are the errors:

    • Gallery media is doubled – 2 copies of every pic
    • Gallery media does NOT keep gallery order, captions, or titles – they all get defaulted
    • Featured image settings are not restored

    These problems could not be solved by support even after 2 months. Has anyone ever used the import successfully?

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  • it’s no good, if I get a post from say Jan but pics are from Dec, then an export of Jan all items won’t get the pics

    the xml looks good for the pic export, but the title etc are all ignored.

    it seems this feature wasn’t tested at all, others have the same issue but nobody ever said they got it working.

    I found about a dozen posts with the double import spanning up to about a year ago. I doubt it will be fixed. It’s pretty pathetic when you can’t even backup and restore properly from the same version of the software.

    Wrong forum, try and are not the same

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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