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Import from WordPress.com No Posts Visible

  • I have had my blog hosted on WordPress.com (http://turtlestravel.wordpress.com) for years and wanted to move it to WordPress.org. I have followed all instructions as follows:
    1. Chose Bluehost as my server
    2. Set up turtlestravel.com as my own domain name through them.
    3. Installed a brand new installation of WordPress.org using their Site Builder automatic intstall
    4. Logged into said WordPress.org dashboard and saw the “test” hello world post is there.
    5. Chose Import from WordPress and selected the XML file on my computer (exported from WordPress.com via that Dashboard previously…size of file about 5 Mb)
    All the content seemed to be there in the directory in the Bluehost file manager. The only error of the import said that 4 image files had Failed.

    ISSUE: In WordPress, no Posts are visible.
    TRIED: Splitting XML File into smaller pieces…No luck.

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  • Update: I ended up getting all of the posts, most of the comments, and some of the photos/media migrated over. Photos are displaying in posts, but they link back to the wordpress.com blog. I also lost all of the Authors of the various posts, though the users were carried over and recreated in wordpress.org’s new site http://turtestravel.com

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