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  • I have imported a XML file into a stand-alone WordPress site, but after doing so all my posts are long assigned to categories and tags. The categories and tags ARE imported just no longer has posts assigned to them.

    Any ideas why? Need to fix this asap for a client!!!

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  • I was going to start a new thread, but I think I have a similar problem. WordPress just deleted all my categories and tags (I didn’t do anything) and now when I try to create them again, it says the cats are allready there. It might delete them earlier, but I was going to update my site today and noticed that the category pages gave “not found” message. So I logged in to find out that none of the cats were to be found.

    All my cats and tags were imported fine they just lost assignment to the posts. Very serious problem.

    Just looked inside my XML files, the posts don’t have the categories assigned to them so the problem is WordPress is creating buggy XML files.

    I also had an original ‘hello world’ post from my new blog which DOES have the category attached though :/ which proves even further that it is defo causing the issues.

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    Cat and tag problems on import from seems to be a known problem with the export-import method. I ended up woth hundreds of dupe categories on one large import.

    Bugger why haven’t they fixed this? They’ve added all sorts of jazz like post formats, admin bars etc but not fixed the import/export system? lame :/

    Hoping for a fix asap as my client is on hold now!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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