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  • Hi,

    is there any way to import my posts from the new blogger to WordPress? I tried a search but couldn’t find anything.


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  • I’ve been trying this too and can’t figure out anything. 🙁

    There was one released for the new blog service at yesterday, so I would imagine if the developers have no issues, they will release one for users as well.


    Check out this article:

    It seems you can do this over at WordPress.COM…. so, one option might be to do a two-step migration.

    Step 1: Register for a free WordPress.COm blog. Do the Blogger import.

    Step 2: Do an Export from the .COM blog and import it into your own hosted blog (use the WXR format to get posts, comments, categories, etc.)

    Or, wait until 2.2 is released or someone leaks out a new importer/plugin. 🙂

    *sigh* I type slower than Trent.

    There is now a plugin that imports from New Blogger to WordPress:

    That seems to be broken. Anything new?

    This seems to be a long-running problem, and searching for a solution is confusing and frustrating.

    Is there a proper way to import from the newer Blogger yet?

    There’s always a way if the spirit is willing to suffer annoying questions. Since you’ve revived an ancient post (in blog time), it’s like it’s all new again.

    What didn’t work? What error messages (or absence of ) did you experience?

    Is there a link to your site, where we might dig out a clue?

    I haven’t really gone through with trying any of them. The most common answer I come across has been basically “It isn’t supported yet, but here’s some really long complicated way that may or may not work”, and those versions scare me and are usually beyond my comfort level of screwing around under the hood.

    I’m wondering if there is a simple, 90%+ chance of working properly, tested way to import from Blogger to my hosted WordPress.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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