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  1. crowd
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I need to import all my livejournal archive (posts, comments with avatars, tags) to my new wp blog.
    The problem is, when i import with the LiveJournal Importer (Instruments > Import), only public posts are copied - no tags, no comments, no hidden (locked) posts. Just entries.

    Could anyone help please?

  2. There is a Livejournal Comments importer, but it says it only works up to WP 3.1 - you could test it and see if it works.

    LJ Comments Import Reloaded

    I haven't found anything for tags/comments, you may need to either hire someone to write you a custom script for that, or reset them manually.

  3. This is old and involves changing code in the importer plug-in, but you may still want to take a look:

    This is solution for importing livejournal tag, category, and lj-cut

  4. Another idea - the WordPress.com migration process seems to preserve tags & private posts. If all else fails, maybe you could do an LJ->WP.com import, then export from your temporary WordPress.com blog to your WordPress.org blog. (Then delete the WP.com blog)


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