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  • Hi, I just installed wp 2.2 and as instructed went to manage and began importing my blog. I ran into a block though when I I was directed to google to authorize access. I clicked on grant access on the google webpage and when I was directed back to wordpress I got a message saying:

    Trouble signing in

    We were not able to gain access to your account. Try starting over.


    We have saved some information about your Blogger account in your WordPress database. Clearing this information will allow you to start over. Restarting will not affect any posts you have already imported. If you attempt to re-import a blog, duplicate posts and comments will be skipped.

    Any ideas? Thanks,

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  • I am using WP 2.5.
    The import function for Blogger is just not working.
    I tried modifying to in the Import DIR.

    Please help.

    I made the change to blogger.php to read, cleared my cache, but I still get the same message. Are Blogger and different? Perhaps that is the problem.

    I’m still trying to import a blogger blog into a .org hosted blog… the blogger.php was correct (i’m on version 2.5.1). i couldn’t get the .org hosted blog to import directly from the blogger account. even after authorizing it would not work.

    i was able to import into a .com acct and then started working on the next step (as cati indicated in her post). it imported most of the entries, but for some reason at a certain point the posts wouldn’t import.

    i even edited the file and removed all but one post (item) – tried this with a few different posts and it wouldn’t finish.

    i’d be happy to provide my XML doc if that would help the WP developers out

    godaddy hosting blocks secure ports so you can’t directly import from blogger if your WP blog is hosted with godaddy.

    However one workaround is to open a blog, import to that from blogger, export to a WP export file and use that in your self hosted WP blog.

    cowboyecosse – the blog i was working on is with godaddy, so you solved that one for me. and i tried the workaround, i think there’s some sort of control char in the xml that’s killing the import

    now u can export blogger posts, comments as xml even without accessing it from wordpress.

    see –

    importing a plain xml file into wordpress should be easy

Viewing 6 replies - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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