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  • Hi, I just installed wp 2.2 and as instructed went to manage and began importing my blog. I ran into a block though when I I was directed to google to authorize access. I clicked on grant access on the google webpage and when I was directed back to wordpress I got a message saying:

    Trouble signing in

    We were not able to gain access to your account. Try starting over.


    We have saved some information about your Blogger account in your WordPress database. Clearing this information will allow you to start over. Restarting will not affect any posts you have already imported. If you attempt to re-import a blog, duplicate posts and comments will be skipped.

    Any ideas? Thanks,

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  • I tried it. didn’t work for me. 🙁

    I even downloaded a free PhP editor and it’s line 87 andy…. didn’t help… 🙁 crap….

    Blogger must not want ppl to export their blogs…





    I was able to get it on my second try. It worked thanks guys!

    I’ve outlined how I did it here if your interested.



    The change to blogger.php worked perfectly. Now if I could just get the import from Blogware working.



    I just tried it and it works beautifully! Tks andy!!



    the wp-admin/import/blogger.php file is already well set with

    but I still have the same error message :

    We were not able to gain access to your account. Try starting over.

    any suggestion ?
    please help !



    I have the same problem, can’t import to a self hosted blog…

    I’m pretty new at everything : could someone detail a bit more this method :

    Google recently changed their API. To fix the WordPress 2.2 Blogger Importer, search wp-admin/import/blogger.php for

    around line 84 and replace it with

    A patch has been uploaded for WordPress 2.3:

    Thanks in advance – this is greek to me !



    Alright, I figured out how to edit the php… but it didn’t work for me. Any other solution ? I’m quite desperate to finally finish with blogger and move to WordPress for good !



    Okay, get this editor

    Go to where your wordpress is uploaded, look under /wp-admin/import/ and download blogger.php

    open blogger.php in editor

    scroll down to line 87

    change text on that line to

    save blogger.php

    ftp file back to wp-admin/import

    if your ftp program asks you if you want to overwrite it, select yes.

    be sure you are logged into Blogger… This sometimes causes issues… as I found out. If you ran firefox and haven’t emptied your cache, you should remain logged in.

    Import your blog and be happy. It works, I’ve done it twice, so far.

    Blogger Importerer Extraordinaire



    Another thing I should report, because it’s pretty important. If you didn’t use the labeling system on Blogger, your posts will NOT be imported to WordPress. When I first started blogging over at Blogger, I used a blogging client that didn’t support the labels on the New Blogger, and many of my posts didn’t use the labeling system. so, some were not imported.

    keep this in mind, when you import from blogger.



    This way still doesn’t work for me, but thanks for replying and detailing anyway !

    However, I found a (weird) way around. I created a blog on, imported my blogger post from there (and it worked fine…don’t know why !) and then imported from to

    I appreciate your reply – I have so many little questions and no replies so far !



    Worked for my, thanks andy! Now to figure out how to get the haloscan comments and blogger hosted photos..



    I am using WP 2.3 beta, the line 87 is already with and I can’t import.

    “We were not able to gain access to your account. Try starting over.”



    I try to import my blog from Blogger and I got this…

    CAfile: /usr/local/share/curl/curl-ca-bundle.crt CApath: none

    I need to know how to resolve this becuase I would like to import this to my website instead of starting over.

    I’m using the new WP 2.3 and importing from Blogger doesn’t work for me.

    Just says 0/0 posts, when I know I have 235 in there.

    I checked the blogger.php too, just to make sure. It was set at www2 and not www.

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