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  • Hi, I just installed wp 2.2 and as instructed went to manage and began importing my blog. I ran into a block though when I I was directed to google to authorize access. I clicked on grant access on the google webpage and when I was directed back to wordpress I got a message saying:

    Trouble signing in

    We were not able to gain access to your account. Try starting over.


    We have saved some information about your Blogger account in your WordPress database. Clearing this information will allow you to start over. Restarting will not affect any posts you have already imported. If you attempt to re-import a blog, duplicate posts and comments will be skipped.

    Any ideas? Thanks,

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  • Google recently changed their API. To fix the WordPress 2.2 Blogger Importer, search wp-admin/import/blogger.php for

    around line 84 and replace it with

    A patch has been uploaded for WordPress 2.3:

    I requested how to accomplish your comments at bluehost, here’s their response:

    Tom [17:12]: We don’t support that, you’ll just have to find the patch and upload. You need to also retrieve the installation instructions.

    So I’ll need a patch and instructions on uploading it. I had them install word press 2.2 and I don’t see an option to install 2.3


    Why don’t you just edit blogger.php and make the 1 character edit? Andy told you where the file is and what to change…

    Sorry, I am new to this. Can you give me some detailed instructions please. Do I access this through the c-panel for bluehost? I did not perform the install, they did so I don’t have the wordpress files on my computer.

    k- wait I’m accessing the blogger.php file with ftp and will edit. I’ll post how it goes,

    k- wait I’m accessing the blogger.php file with ftp and will edit

    🙂 There ya go.

    I tried the method Andy mentioned, about changing the line, but to no avail. I noticed another line with ‘ww2’ and changed that as well, just for the hell of it, but now I get a new error message:

    There was a problem opening a connection to Blogger. This is what went wrong:


    I’m using WP 2.2.1

    Any new magic tricks I might try?

    This is now working, but only if you import to a blog. To get your posts & comments to a self-hosted blog, you need to then export to an XML file, then re-import from your self-hosted blog. A bit of a kludgy workaround, but it worked great for me.


    *sigh* I suck at teh intraweb. I looked for and couldn’t see the “Edit Post>>” button. 🙁

    siggia – i just changed one line like andy told and it worked.

    ucla74 – it worked for me in self-hosted blog


    I edited this file wp-admin/import/blogger.php

    as noted above.

    Thank you Andy! It worked for me also!

    Awesome! I’ve been trying to do this since yesterday. I edited wp-admin/import/blogger.php changing www2.blogger to http://www.blogger and I just got everything to import.

    And I’m using self-hosted WordPress

    Thanks SO much!

    Editing blogger.php worked! Thanks a lot!!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 51 total)
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