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  • ruccc


    Before I updated to the 2.x version of this awesome plugin i did the next:
    1. Upload photos, divided by folders and subfolders on my FTP (EX: “/gallery/2010/summer/paris/” or “/gallery/2012/chris/first-birthday/”)
    2. Went to “Add Gallery / Images” and to “Import Folder”, then went to the desired folder with photos and improted it.
    3. Photos were’nt touched anyway by Nextgen, it only taked them a showed in the galleries.

    What happens now? With version 2.x, I do the same procedure, but NextGen is copying the photos from the subfolder to the main “/gallery/” root, and takes the photos from there.

    Is this a bug? There’s no way of changing it, even with “Automatically resize images after upload” option deactivated.

    So, why NextGen is copying the photos? It only happens in version 2, can you fix it?

    MANY MANY THANKS for this plugin! It is awesome and very friendly!

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  • hephoto


    I got the same issue …
    Hope we will get a corrected version soon.



    The only way is to downgrade to the latest 1.x version. It seems that 2.x copies the files even if “Dont resize the images” is selected…

    Okay, but I hope that it will be corrected to a next revision.Ïf not, bye bye NextGen …

    Same here, very annoying!

    same, it dont work in the new version wordpress..

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Hi all – thanks for you comments on this. You are correct that this behavior is different. It actually seems more intuitive to us to ensure NG galleries are consolidated in the folder intended to hold NG galleries. Otherwise, for users who are not systematic about where they uploading images and importing from, they could end up with NG gallery folders living all over their WP instance.

    We didn’t expect that there would be much negative feedback on this.

    But having just played with this I can see that one annoying feature, even for me, is that if you’d like to organize galleries within the /gallery/ folder via FTP, and then import, you’d lose your organization. I’m assuming that what most of you are trying to do?

    Having just spoke with the developers about this, we’re thinking we may add an option that allows users to either have images copied into new folders or preserve them in their original locations. I assume that would resolve things for everyone here?

    Thanks (Erick).


    Yes, if you could add this option, I will be happy.

    Thanks for taking car on this 🙂

    Hi photocrati,
    Yes, that the problem we have. That option would be great!!!

    Thanks a lot for your work! That’s woth a donation! 😉

    Plugin Author photocrati


    Ok, we’ve added this to our list of tasks. We’re trying push out a release tomorrow but this will not be in that. We’ve already wrapped up work on that one and we’re testing.

    It should go in one of the next releases after that, and we’re doing about a release a week right now. So maybe a week or two. I hesitate to commit to getting it out faster than that since we have a lot of issues on the table still we’re working through and we never know what’s going to come up.

    But it’s on the list now and relatively high priority.

    Don’t worry, we can still use the older versions, so it’s not urgent.

    Better to wait 2-3 weeks more for having a bug-less release 😉

    I’ve reverted back to 1.9.13 …

    Very nice to add that feature, will solve a lot of annoyance.

    Any update on this feature? Its the main reason I wen’t back to v1.9.13 since the very first v2.0

    Plugin Author photocrati


    @mcfester and all: We’ve introduced a fix for this. It should be in the beta we release today (2.0.33 and later) on our latest beta page (, and it should also then be in an official full release next Monday.

    We’ve added a check box on the Add Gallery/Images > Import Folder interface called: “Keep images in original location”. If checked, it will keep and serve the images from their original folder.

    Thanks! (Erick)

    That feature is now included, but it is still limited to be inside the “wp-content” folder!
    That is really of no use as I need images in a “gallery” folder in the root folder of my website. I don’t want to directly go advertise to the world where my WP installation and folder locations are.
    There is also no way you can specify the path as just “gallery” or “\usr\local\www\domain.tld\gallery\” and expect to import images from the path you have specified. It always defaults to “wp-content\” to import images.
    I understand and appreciate that your idea is for people to keep things tidy, but I prefer to keep it even tidier. It is one thing to have the default setting during install to be in the “wp-content” folder, but please just revert back to how nextgen used to work where we can specify the path explicitly and have nextgen respect what we decide.
    At this point in time I see absolutely no advantage to upgrading to the new nextgen version. To me you guys have gone a couple of steps backward and trying to re-invent the wheel.

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