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  • Hello, I work with clients wordpress installations and I often backup their entire sites and migrate them to my client staging server online. However I’ve a new client that is using a account, this means I cannot use my BackupBuddy plugin to migrate their site.

    I’ve always avoided the Tools > Import WordPress blog feature because it successfully imports the data but not the images + attachments. YES I do check the checkbox to download and import attachments. NO it doesn’t work.

    So how to I grab the entire client site with all 780 images?

    Has anyone successfully used the Import another WordPress blog and included copying images to the new address?

    Images are always within the blog posts but are hosted at the old address and not the new installation .. TALK ABOUT FRUSTRATING!

    Can anyone help?!

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  • I’ve never had a single problem importing from a account. Can you provide an example of a WPCOM account from which you are unable to import/attach images?

    Are you sure the images at the WPCOM account are actually attached to the posts, rather than linked?

    Hi Chip, yes the images are embedded within her account and not referenced from say flickr or anywhere else. – existing blog – her blog on my servers.

    If you visit her blog on my servers you’ll see that the images still reference a storage location on the servers :S

    When I do an import I grab the exported xml file, assign all of the import to the user and click the checkmark to activate the ‘Download and import file attachments’. Then import. The data of the blogs and posts etc is imported perfectly. HOWEVER. All the images still point to the old file locations and so consequently have not been imported as they are not found in the media library.

    Is this because I’m a GoDaddy hosting user because I’ve never gotten the images to import with a blog which is why I now use the backupbuddy plugin to grab my clients site to my servers.

    Very confused why this doesn’t work for me.

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    Can you post a Pastebin of the exported XML file? I’d like to take a look at it, to see if I can find anything amiss.

    Hi Chip, thanks for replying again.

    Here’s the xml for two post items:

    [ Code moderated. As Chip said: For more than 10 lines of code please instead. ]

    I’m used to being able to grab the database sql and the files themselves via ftp. This is my first time creating a self hosted wordpress site from a blog, so I’m unsure if the xml is correct or not. I presume it it.


    Sorry I had errands to run .. here’s the pastebin link:
    I didn’t realise what you meant by pastebin, thank you for introducing me to do it.

    Hi, can anyone still help me with this. I’ve now tried a direct import (with new xml exported today) to my clients new blog domain and server with JustHost and the exact same issue occured.

    All the images still point to the old files on instead of the newly hosted server :S

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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