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    It seems like the import feature is broken in the latest version. It will import all columns up to starting time, but it does not import results, neither the game score, nor the sets. The fields will just stay blank. I am using the plugin for archery team competition. As we have 5 sets just as volleyball, I am simply using the volleyball features.

    I had the same problem with entering results as other people had, but I could resolve it with the proposed fix here: Unfortunately, the import did not work with or without this fix.

    I figured that there needs to be a new column (Status). Even though it is not menationed in the docs, it is in the -export-. So included it. It didn’t help. I also tried every possible variation of the results (with a dash or with a colon, the game score with a dash, the sets with a colon, everything with dashes, everything with colons etc.). None of the variations made any difference.

    I am using WP 4.8.2 and the latest version of leaguemanager RC 4.2-RC1.3.

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    Just wanted to point out that I had a similar problem about a year ago with an older version of leaguemanager:

    Unfortunately, that solution does not apply anymore. Also, back then at least some scores have been importet. As there are now no scores whatsoever, it is more difficult to figure out the cause.

    Some more information: There seems to be a bug in function importMatches( $file, $delimiter ) in line 2099 of /leaguemanager/admin/admin.php. It should print a message at the end ($this->setMessage(sprintf(__( '%d Matches imported', 'leaguemanager' ), $x));) but that doesnt happen in the new version.

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    Update: As I am not experienced enough I got my self some help. My friend Christian was able to figure out the problem. The function updateResults that is called in function importMatchesin line 2161 of the file /admin/admin.php fails. That is why everything before that is imported succesfully, but not the values that are passed to udpateResults.

    It seems like updateResults does not recieve the league_id and thus fails to write the values. In line 944, change
    $league = get_league();
    $league = get_league($league_id);
    That should solve it.

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