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  • I’ve searched google and the forums but haven’t found any such luck. I’m looking for a plugin that could import Facebook posted items into my self-hosted WordPress blog. Ideally I’d like to be able to import them as posts, so that there would be an archive.

    Whenever I want to share a cool link I usually post it on my blog but I’ve noticed from trends that it’ll get more traction as a Facebook shared item. So sometimes, for really cool links I wish to share, I’ll do both, since not everyone who views my blog is on Facebook. But that’s just redundant. It would be great if I could just post using the Facebook “share this” feature and then have it automatically cross-posted to WordPress.

    Any ideas?

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  • Well, I’m not sure of any easy way to make Posts out of them, however Facebook does offer an RSS feed of your Posted items. You could use an RSS widget or some custom code to pull that feed and then display those that way.

    Yeah, I’ve tried that. It comes out looking pretty rough. The plugin I’m using combined with the RSS feed from Facebook is confusing.

    HEADLINE/TITLE OF LINK links to my FB shared items page, not individual links.

    SUMMARY OF LINK includes a the original link twice, followed by the summary. So basically I end up with three links for one post, one which is useless and two of which are exactly the same.

    I wouldn’t use a plugin myself. WordPress has some built in (albeit limited) functionality along those lines.

    When I look at my Posted Items feed from Facebook, I see that the link goes to the Posted Items page itself, which is indeed kind of annoying. But there’s probably little to be done about it, you have to work with what you get.

    There are plugins for WordPress that can make normal posts out of RSS feeds on a regular basis. Most of them are used for spam blogs, but you could possibly use one of them for this sort of purpose.

    I did find a plugin called Wordbook that purports to make your WordPress posts appear on Facebook.

    Haven’t tried it though.

    I use the Wordbook plugin. It’s nice but could be better. And it doesn’t really drive a lot of traffic to my site. I find more people will bother with the shared items than an actual blog post or even a note.

    Oh well…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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