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  • Well that hurt!

    Moving a WordPress blog is far more complicated than it should be. I ought to be able to export everything and then import everything on the new server after doing the five minute install. It should be that simple.

    Instead I spent two solid days moving things. Installing up plugins, templates, headers, adjusting settings and other stuff.

    WordPress’s exporter and importer also missed posts and comments requiring them to be run several times before everything was across.

    It should be painless.

    On a related topic, there should be an easy way to move old blogs over to the latest wordpress. There are a vast number of them that are still being actively published in versions of WordPress that are pre-export so there is no easy way to upgrade or move those blogs. This results in the loss of culture. Sad. Fight enthropy.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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